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The Best water conditioner for your money while alleviating salt usage compared to a standard water softener. Quality of water you can taste from every faucet in your home. Retains healthy minerals in your water for a healthier benefit for you and your family. Little to no maintenance with automatic self-cleaning with plain tap water. You will test the difference in your coffee, tea, juice, and other drinks & foods that require water. Solve your water problems with a single tank automatic system that will last years without service maintenance. Your skin will feel soft with the removal of chlorine which can cause a dry itch on your skin after showing. Removes Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Heavy Metals, and Organics. Upgraded KDF-55 which inhibits bacteria growth in the filter to ensure your water is the best possible quality.


  • Digital Electronic Controller - More Reliable than Mechanical Valves
  • Solid Tank Construction - Factory Tested
  • Magnetic Module - Tames the hardness of water by reversing the polarity of water molecules
  • Granular Activated Carbon - High grade coconut shell. Removes chlorine, organics, odor and improves the taste
  • KDF 55 - Prohibits bacteria growth & removes over 98% of dissolved lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals.
  • Quartz Filter - Creates a higher flow rate and sediment removal


Small to Large Home Size up to 2.0 cf
Higher Water Flow Service up to 27 gpm
Operating Pressure 20 psi - 125 psi
Metererd Valve No water waste
Electrical Specifications AC Adapter 12v
Valve Noryl Plastic
Lithium Battery 8 hour
Reliable and proven DC Drive More Reliable - Less Maintenance

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$5,200.00 Reg.
$4,600.00 SALE


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