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$2,900.00 Reg.
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Water conditioner that alleviates salt usage compared to a water softener. Quality of water you can taste from every faucet in your home. Retains healthy minerals in your water for great tasting water . Solve your water problems with a single tank installed to treat both hot and cold water for cooking, showers, and laundry. Your skin will feel soft with the removal of chlorine that can cause dry itch to your skin after showing.


  • Digital Electronic Controller - More Reliable than Mechanical Valves
  • Solid Tank Construction - Factory Tested
  • Magnetic Module - Tames the hardness of water by reversing the polarity of water molecules
  • Granular Activated Carbon - High grade coconut shell. Removes chlorine, organics, odor and improves the taste
  • KDF 55 - Prohibits bacteria growth & removes over 98% of dissolved lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals.
  • Quartz Filter - Creates a higher flow rate and sediment removal


Accommodate Large Home 2.0 cf Models
Higher Water Flow Service up to 27 gpm
Operating Pressure 20 psi - 125 psi
Metererd Valve No water waste
Electrical Specifications AC Adapter 12v
Valve Noryl Plastic
Lithium Battery 8 hour
Reliable and proven DC Drive More Reliable - Less Maintenance

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$2,900.00 Reg.
$2,600.00 SALE


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